What We Do

We offer both custom dictionary attacks and brute force methods of cracking WPA passwords. Our purpose is to test and identify any weakenesses in the security of your networks.

Our brute force method on specific providers is 100% successful if the password on a router has never been changed ( very high percentage )

Domain name for sale.
Please contact support@wpacrack.net for further details.

Dictionary Service:

  • 17GB Dictionary Attack
  •  Over 1 Billion passwords
  •  £14 requested if cracked.
  • £1 + £14
  • < 1 Day

How to use our service:

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are the owner or have permission from the owner of any wireless network you intend to use this service for.

For Brute Force requests, a refundable £10 deposit is required to ensure only serious requests are processed. No Crack no fee

If you have a special request, please Email us with details of the Internet Provider, Network Name (SSID) and if possible the key format example [a-z]-[0-9] and we will let you know if this is possible.

The Process

To be able to crack a WPA password, an authentication Handshake between a router and a wireless client is required. To obtain this, a wireless card which supports Monitor Mode is needed. Many adapters support this mode. To confirm if your adapter does, click the links below. Sometimes the compatibility pages can be out of date, so it is always worth running through the Obtaining a Handshake guide and testing your own wireless adapter.

If you are looking for a USB wireless adapter to obtain the Handshake with, I recommend the Alfa AWUS036NH. This can be bought for about £25 from eBay.

Once the Handshake is obtained and you wish to use our service, click Use Our Service.

When the process has finished, we will Email you with the results. If the WPA password was cracked, we will request the remaining payment from you and then we can send you the password.